Contact Form 7 – Post Fields


Contact Form 7 is a fantastic plugin for form. The post-fields extension enables you to create image drop-down-menues, checkboxes and radio-buttons based on posts or other kinds of content (custom post types).

Features of post fields

  • beautiful drop-down-menues, checkboxes and radio buttons with post image, excerpt and meta data
  • selection of the post type (posts, pages, attachments, custom post types)
  • selection and limitation of categories (taxonomies)
  • customized/individual formatting of the label
  • configuring the value attribute
  • pretty post hyperlinks in the message body
  • customized sorting of the post type
  • Display a search box on drop-down-menues
  • limitation of the post type based on its particular status (published, draft etc.)
  • The default value of the field can easily be selected by using $_GET or $_POST variables (see FAQ).

Required Plugin

  • Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi – Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.


  • The post image radio buttons with meta data
  • The posts image drop-down-menu
  • The posts drop-down-menu
  • Post select field generator


  1. Download and install the required Contact Form 7 Plugin available at
  2. Upload ‘contact-form-7-post-fields’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  4. You will now have a “posts drop-down-menu”, “posts image drop-down-menu”, “post checkboxes” and “post radio buttons” tag option in the Contact Form 7 tag generator.


Where can I find the new post fields and how can I use them?

  1. Make sure that you have installed and activated the required plugin Contact Form 7.
  2. In the menu, navigate to the item “Contact”, create a new or edit an existing form.
  3. You can find 4 new fields in the tab “Form” now: “posts image drop-down-menu”, “posts drop-down-menu”, “post checkboxes” and “post radio buttons”.

Why can’t I find my own type of content (custom post type) in the list?

The only types of content displayed are those declared as public.
See register post type.

How can I make my form in the front end use a standard value automatically?

This can easily be done by using $_GET or $_POST variables.

  1. In the post field shortcode, add the option “default:get” or “default:post” (instructions), e.g. [post_select post_select-1 publish default:get post-type:post value-field:title orderby:title order:DESC “%title%”]
  2. On your website, move to the form with the following $_GET parameters:

If you have integrated your form into a single post template, you can use “default:current_post” to set the default value equal to the current post.

What kind of post meta keys can be used for the label?

  1. Single text meta keys
  2. Sequential arrays will be changed in a string list (comma seperated)
  3. Associative arrays are no supported

How can i style the posts image drop-down-menu?

The posts image drop-down-menu is build with the jQuery select2 libary.
You can style with CSS the drop-down-menus using the class “select2” and/or “select2-container”.

How can i print pretty post hyperlinks in the message body

  1. Select the “Permalink” option from the value field in the post field generator.
  2. Check the “Use HTML content type” box in the Mail setting.

I found a bug, what shall I do?

If you have found a bug in my plugin, please send me an email with a short description.
I will fix the bug as soon as possible.

You like my plugin and you’d like to support me?

Thank you very much!
In case you want to show how much you appreciate my work, I’d be very grateful if you could give me positive rating with WordPress-Page and/or donate a small amount to me.


Machi 14, 2024
This extension to CF7 opens for a whole variety of use cases and creative solutions. If you combine it with Conditional Fields for CF7 the possibilities are endless. Thanx for this solution.
Aprili 11, 2021
Happy to have discovered this extremely useful plugin. You can, for example, automatically populate the labels in a dropdown field with the titles of a custom post type and get their values from a custom field created with ACF. Good job!
Disemba 18, 2020
This plugin fills a need that isn’t addressed by CF7 alone. And if for any reason you need extrahelp (like using hooks), you can ask for support. Thanks to the author for his kind help 🙏
Disemba 13, 2020
Hi, I highly recommend this plugin, easy to use and i can easy import post to contact form 7. Wery thanks for author this plugin Mateusz
Soma maoni yote 34

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  • Dev – Changed Image Select Placeholder


  • Dev – Add new filter for html attributes.
  • Dev – Add meta_key and meta_type args to post query preset.
  • Fix – Pypass correct number of decimals on numeric meta values.


  • Dev – Add new WP Query args meta_key and meta_type
  • Dev – Add filter “wpcf7_’.tag_name.’_’.basetype.’_item_label” to all modules


  • Dev – Add new filter for label, excerpt and item attributes


  • Dev – Add new constant WPCF7_POST_FIELDS_PLUGIN


  • Dev – Add filter “wpcf7_’.tag_name.’_’.basetype.’_item_label” to all modules


  • Dev – Tested up with WordPress 5.4
  • Dev – Add filter “wpcf7_mytag_defaults”
  • Dev – Code optimizations


  • Dev – Tested up with WordPress 5.2.1
  • Dev – Star rating included


  • Dev – Tested up with WordPress 5.2
  • Dev – Code optimizations
  • Dev – Improvement for better main instance call
  • Fix – Missing Field “post_radio” and “post_image_radio


  • Dev – Removed the   in the checkbox rendering


  • Feature – Search box option for posts drop-down menus
  • Dev – Load select2 libary on posts drop-down menues with the multiple attribute
  • Dev – Add placeholder filter for select fields and field post data
  • Dev – Add field post data filter
  • Dev – Improvement for better scripts and style loading
  • Fix – No include blank on on posts drop-down menu with the multiple attribute


  • Image select attachment otimiziation


  • Fix by the ACF Meta Integration


  • Improvement for search, replacing and formatting post meta fields
  • Fixed showing correct image on image select field (post type attachment)
  • Code optimizations


  • Improvement for search and replacing meta fields in the label


  • Add support for meta data in value field
  • Add support for excluded terms
  • Fix by getting the image URL from Post or Attachment
  • Renamed Parameter “category-relation” to “tax-relation”


  • Add support for attachments
  • Add new post status “inherit”
  • Add new value field “thumbnail”


  • Add WPML compatibility for getting posts
  • Add the post number option to the fields
  • Changed the “field_name_get_posts” filter to “wpcf7_field_name_get_posts”
  • Code optimization for getting posts


  • Select2 Libary Update to 4.0.5
  • Code and performance optimizations
  • Translation fixes


  • Add new default value option “current_post”


  • Bugfix in posts image fields css file (clearfix)


  • CSS optimizations in all posts image fields


  • Code and performance optimizations
  • Changed the name of the image size to “wpcf7-post-image”
  • Changed the order of the form tags
  • Introduction of a new “posts image checkboxes” and “posts image radio buttons” field
  • New “Meta Data” feature for all image post fields
  • New value field “Permalink”, wich prints pretty post hyperlinks on the mail body
  • Add new translations


  • Bugfix in “posts image drop-down-menu” when select multiple and include_blank
  • Bugfix in “posts image drop-down-menu” (dashicons) when no thumbnail is available
  • Add “permalink” and “author” tags to the label format


  • Introduction of a new “posts image drop-down-menu” field
  • Changed the deprecated class WPCF7_Shortcode to WPCF7_FormTag
  • Bugfix when the “posts drop-down-menu” has the option “include_blank”


  • Post meta keys available in the label formatting


  • Changed the deprecated function wpcf7_add_shortcode to wpcf7_add_form_tag
  • Translation fixes


  • Translation fixes


  • Initial Release
  • Check compatibility with latest Contact Form 7 and WordPress Version