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Easily enhance your website’s SEO with the XML Sitemap generator for Google and Bing. This powerful plugin simplifies the creation of XML sitemaps, helping you boost your search engine rankings. With support for custom post types and taxonomies and even custom pages/URLs (which are not part of your WordPress site), you can ensure that all your content gets indexed. The plugin’s intuitive interface allows you to configure settings effortlessly, generating sitemaps with just a few clicks. Keep your site indexed and ensure search engines are aware of all your content with the XML Sitemap Generator for Google. This plugin delivers precisely what it promises – a comprehensive XML sitemap solution for maximum search engine visibility! If you find it beneficial, don’t hesitate to leave a rating! This will motivate us to continue building this plugin with more features.

Key Features

  • Enable/Disable Functionality: Admins can easily enable or disable the plugin functionality from the settings page.
  • Select Post Type: Admins can select the post types to include in the XML sitemap.
  • Select Taxonomy Type: Admins can choose the taxonomy type to include in the XML sitemap.
  • Add Additional Pages: Admins can add additional pages (which are not part of your WordPress site) to be listed in the XML sitemap, specifying URL, Priority, Frequency, and Last Modified date.
  • View XML Sitemap: Admins can view the XML sitemap with a single click.
  • Change Frequencies: Admins can change the update frequencies for each post type and taxonomy type.
  • Change Priority: Admins can adjust the priority settings for each post type and taxonomy type.
  • Override Other XML Plugin Styles: This plugin can override the styling of any other XML-related plugin when it is active.
  • Notice for Active XML Plugins: Admins receive a notice if any other XML-related plugin is active.
  • Include/Exclude Pages: Admins can choose to include or exclude the home page and author pages from the XML sitemap generation.
  • Show Last Modification Time: Admins can choose whether to display the last modification time for each page in the XML sitemap.


  • General Settings: Customize your XML settings with our comprehensive settings.
  • Additional Page Option: Add custom URLs that are not part of the WordPress site but from the same domain.
  • XML Sitemap View: Sample XML Sitemap.


  1. Download the plugin zip file.
  2. Upload it to your WordPress site.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


  1. Go to the plugin settings page.
  2. Configure the settings according to your requirements.
  3. Save the settings.
  4. Click the ‘Show Sitemap’ button to see the generated XML sitemap.


How can I create a sitemap for my website?

To create a sitemap for your website, you can use a tool like the XML Sitemap for Google plugin for WordPress. Follow these steps:
Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site.
Once activated, the plugin will automatically generate a sitemap.xml file for your website.
You can access the sitemap by adding /sitemap.xml to your website’s URL.
Submit your sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing etc to ensure proper indexing of your site.

How can I submit my sitemap to search engines?

Open the Google Search Console and sign in with your Google account.
Navigate to the “Sitemaps” section.
Enter the URL of your sitemap.xml file (e.g., https://example.com/sitemap.xml).
Click on the “Submit” button to submit your sitemap to Google.
Repeat the process for other search engines, such as Google, Bing etc.

What kinds of sitemaps does the plugin create?

The XML Sitemap for Google plugin can create XML sitemaps for Pages, Posts, Custom Post types, Taxonomies, custom additional pages and more!

Does it supports WooCommerce Plugin?

The XML Sitemap for Google plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling the generation of sitemaps for your online store’s product pages, categories, and tags.
This functionality enhances search engine indexing of your products, ultimately boosting your store’s visibility in search results.

Where is the settings page located for your plugin?

You can access the settings for the XML Sitemap for Google Plugin under Settings > XML Sitemap for Google.

Will it slow down my website? How does it impact website speed?

XML Sitemap for Google does not slow down your website. Our code is optimized for maximum performance, ensuring that your website remains fast, which is crucial for SEO. Faster websites tend to rank higher in search results.

Is XML Sitemap for Google sitemaps plugin superior to default WordPress sitemaps?

Absolutely. XML Sitemap for Google’s smart sitemaps are significantly more optimized than the default WordPress sitemaps. Once you activate XML Sitemap for Google Plugin, our XML sitemaps will take precedence over the default WordPress sitemaps, enhancing your SEO rankings.
We also provide advanced SEO sitemaps. Our SEO sitemaps offer detailed control, such as enabling/disabling post types or taxonomies, including/excluding specific links from the sitemap, adding additional non-WordPress pages to the sitemaps, customizing sitemap priority & frequency for each section of your site, and more.

Issue with Loading XML Sitemap on Webpage CSS?

If you are experiencing issues with your XML sitemap not loading properly, a caching plugin might be the cause. To prevent this, you need to exclude “xml” and “xsl” formats from being cached.
Add the following rules to your cache settings:
For further reference, please refer to: https://www.seopress.org/support/guides/how-to-exclude-xml-and-xsl-files-from-caching-plugins/


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