Quick Event Calendar


Quick Event Calendar – Simple, fancy event calendar.

Quick Event Calendar is a very simple, performant, and WordPress-integrated event calendar plugin. Quick Event Calendar allows you to add posts, events or any other custom post type to a flexible, responsive calendar which can be placed in a post, page or widget.

The calendar works on one page only using AJAX loading. All events (or posts) in one month are displayed under the calendar.

It is simple, and fast, with no bloated styles and visual scripts. Use the included themes to style your calendar. Use the default or the minimal theme to match your current WordPress theme appearance.

The calendar is feature-packed: works with custom posts, only needs one page, includes predefined themes and is responsive.

Add your own event using the [qcc-form] shortcode and display all events using the [qcc-calendar] shortcode.

Quick Event Calendar plugin can be used by:

  • Website Owners / Administrators: Anyone who runs a WordPress website can use this plugin to display events or custom post types in a calendar format on their site.

  • Event Organizers: Individuals or organizations that host events can utilize this plugin to create an event calendar on their WordPress website, allowing visitors to easily view and potentially submit events.

  • Bloggers / Content Creators: If you have a blog or website where you regularly publish content organized by date (e.g., posts, articles, news), you can use Quick Event Calendar to display this content in a calendar format.

  • Business Owners: Small businesses, especially those in industries like hospitality, retail, or services, can use this plugin to showcase their events, promotions, or special offers in a visually appealing calendar layout.

  • Community Organizations: Non-profit organizations, clubs, schools, or local communities can benefit from Quick Event Calendar to publicize their upcoming events, meetings, or activities on their WordPress website.

  • Personal Websites / Blogs: Individuals running personal websites or blogs can use this plugin to display their schedule, milestones, or any date-based content in a calendar format.

Key Features

See the features which are exclusive to the Quick Event Calendar plugin and understand why Quick Event Calendar is possibly the Best Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress.

  • Simple and Performant: Quick Event Calendar is designed to be fast and lightweight, with no bloated styles or visual scripts, ensuring optimal performance.

  • AJAX Loading: The calendar works on a single page, utilizing AJAX to load events for a specific month, providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

  • Custom Post Type Integration: Display events from any custom post type, giving you the flexibility to organize and showcase your content as desired.

  • Responsive Design: The calendar is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes.

  • Predefined Themes: Quick Event Calendar includes predefined themes, allowing you to easily style your calendar to match your WordPress theme’s appearance.

  • Customizable Colors: Tailor the calendar’s appearance by selecting accent colors, event colors, and background colors to match your site’s branding.

How to Use Quick Event Calendar

  • Install and Activate: Install and activate the Quick Event Calendar plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

  • Configure Settings: Navigate to the plugin settings and configure the desired options, such as selecting the post type, category (if applicable), and choosing which posts to display (published, scheduled, or future).

  • Add Events: Use the [qcc-form] shortcode to display the calendar submission form on any post, page, or widget, allowing users to add new events.

  • Display the Calendar: Use the [qcc-calendar] shortcode on any post, page, or widget to display the calendar with the selected events.

  • Customize Appearance: Select one of the predefined themes and match the calendar’s colors with your site’s branding by adjusting the accent color, event color, and background color for the current day.

Help with shortcodes

  • Use the [qcc-calendar] shortcode in any post, page or widget to show the calendar.

  • Use the [qcc-form] shortcode in any post, page or widget to show the calendar submission form.

Help with template tags

  • Use the <?php echo do_shortcode("[qcc-calendar]"); ?> code in any page template to show the calendar.

  • Use the <?php echo do_shortcode("[qcc-form]"); ?> code in any page template to show the calendar submission form.

Help with styling

Use the included themes to style your calendar. Use the default or the minimal theme to match your current WordPress theme appearance.

After installing the plugin, you need to configure it by selecting several options:

  • Select the desired post type, the desired category (if post type is ‘post’) and which posts you want to show. For an event calendar, the default should be both published and scheduled/future posts.

  • In case you want to use custom meta fields, the calendar works with preexisting meta fields. Using custom meta fields requires a third-party plugin to add new fields.

  • After selecting the desired options, pick one of the predefined themes to match your site.

  • After selecting a theme, you need to match your site’s colours with the calendar template.

  • In your Configurator tab, select the accent colour, the event colour and the background colour for the current day.

When you are done with the settings, use the [qcc-calendar] shortcode in any post, page or widget to show the calendar.


  • Quick Event Calendar Settings tab
  • Quick Event Calendar Configurator tab
  • Event submission form
  • Calendar showing events on a live page


  1. Nenda kwenye dashibodi ya msimamizi wa WordPress
  2. Nenda kwenye programu-jaliz > Ongeza Mpya
  3. Tafuta Quick Event Calendar
  4. Bofya Sakinisha Sasa
  5. Washa programu-jalizi


Je, Quick Event Calendar inajibu kikamilifu na itabadilika kulingana na saizi na vifaa tofauti vya skrini?

Ndiyo, Quick Event Calendar inajibu kikamilifu na itabadilika kulingana na saizi na vifaa tofauti vya skrini, na hivyo kuhakikisha utumiaji usio na mshono.

Je, ninaweza kuonyesha kalenda kwenye kurasa nyingi?

Quick Event Calendar imeundwa kufanya kazi kwenye ukurasa mmoja, kwa kutumia AJAX kupakia matukio kwa mwezi mahususi. Ikiwa unahitaji kuonyesha kalenda kwenye kurasa nyingi, unaweza kutumia njia fupi zilizotolewa au lebo za violezo kwenye kurasa hizo.

Je, ninaweza kutumia sehemu maalum za meta na Quick Event Calendar?

Ndiyo, Quick Event Calendar hufanya kazi na sehemu za meta maalum zilizopo. Hata hivyo, huenda ukahitaji kutumia programu-jalizi ya wahusika wengine ili kuongeza sehemu mpya maalum.

Je, ninatengenezaje kalenda ili ilingane na mandhari yangu ya WordPress?

Quick Event Calendar inajumuisha mandhari yaliyofafanuliwa mapema ambayo unaweza kuchagua kutoka kwa mipangilio ya programu-jalizi. Zaidi ya hayo, unaweza kubinafsisha rangi za kalenda ili zilingane na chapa ya tovuti yako.

Je, ninaweza kuonyesha matukio kutoka kwa aina maalum za machapisho?

Ndiyo,Quick Event Calendar hukuruhusu kuonyesha matukio au aina nyingine yoyote maalum ya chapisho kwenye kalenda.

Je, ninapataje usaidizi?

Ukikumbana na matatizo yoyote au una maswali kuhusu Quick Event Calendar, tafadhali tembelea mijadala ya usaidizi ya programu-jalizi au < a href="mailto:support@wpc orner.co">wasiliana nasi kwa usaidizi.


Septemba 8, 2023
Great idea. It’s a pity that woocommerce products are not supported.Good luck in developing the plugin
Febuari 27, 2023 1 reply
I was looking for a simple and lightweight plugin by which I can use my post as event. I didn’t find any other plugin in The WordPress Plugin Directory that can do this work except this one. Thank you very much for creating this plugin and requesting to keep it update.
Soma maoni yote 2

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  • FIX: Fixed link color changing to red in the plugin page.


  • FIX: Fixed “contact us” URL in the plugin’s dashboard.


  • UPDATE: Event Form Submission redesigned to make form input fields fullwidth.
  • UPDATE: Event form submit button text changed to “Add Event”
  • UPDATE: Events created through event submission form automatically added to the selected qcc category.


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • UPDATE: Updated readme.txt and added shortcode documentation


  • FIX: Fixed year not going back further than current year
  • FIX: Fixed default styles for the submission form
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • UPDATE: Updated PHP 7 compatibility
  • UPDATE: Updated PHP 8 compatibility
  • UPDATE: Refactored JS


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • FIX: Fixed several condition loops
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • UPDATE: Updated installation section


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • FIX: Fixed performance


  • FIX: Fixed readme.txt file
  • FIX: Fixed several i18n tags
  • FIX: Fixed documentation
  • FIX: Security fixes


  • UPDATE: Moved to WordPress.org
  • UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to latest version
  • FIX: Security fixes


  • FIX: Fixed conflict with other calendar plugins by using more CSS specificity
  • FIX: Moved some hardcoded styles to their own CSS stylesheet
  • FIX: Added default styles for the submission form
  • UI: Removed Dashicons requirement


  • FIX: Only apply category query if post type is “post”


  • UPDATE: Added default settings on plugin initialisation
  • UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome library
  • UPDATE: Added uninstall routine (plugin will clean up after uninstall)
  • UPDATE: Added Material theme
  • UPDATE: Combined Minimal theme into Default and Flat themes
  • UPDATE: Updated translations


  • FIX: Fixed custom CSS not appearing in wp_head()
  • FIX: Removed FontAwesome from backend
  • UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome version
  • UPDATE: Added correct plugin URL in readme.txt
  • UPDATE: Increased posts per page to 1000 (from 900)
  • FEATURE: Added custom meta fields option for date


  • UPDATE: Added frontend publishing
  • UPDATE: Added internationalization


  • First public release