This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Awesome Studio


Awesome Studio is a shortcode based platform along with ready to use modules that can be installed and used by calling the shortcodes for those modules.

Interested in knowing more about our platform? Get started with Awesome Studio

More details about the platform & documentation can be found on


  • List of all the modules currently available to install.
  • List of all the modules that are currently installed, or created by you.


Upload the Awesome Studio plugin to your blog, Activate it, download the modules you need from Awesome Studio tab. Just call them using shortcodes within the pages you want.


Where can I get support?

We are monitoring WordPress support forums: , if you have questions just ask.

Where can I find documentation?

You can find the documentation and tutorials at


Septemba 3, 2016 1 reply
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Septemba 3, 2016
it easy to use for someone who is not a developer but needs powerful tool to make semi-complex sites
Soma maoni yote 3

Wachangiaji & Wasanidi

“Awesome Studio” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Removed the hardcoding of posts table.


  • Added support for G-Suite API and G-Suite Login
  • Added support for 2-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support of GetResponse API & Elastic Mail to aw2.subscribe shortcode
  • Added support for registering less variables that will be available to aw2.client less blocks
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added all_terms views as part of plug-in installation.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support to add custom metaboxes on User edit screen.
  • Added new select field type which support multiselect.
  • Added support for API shortcode.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support for adding comma separated terms in save_form
  • Added support for RazoPay, SBI Payment Gateways
  • [aw2.sideload save_to_path /] now supports ability save files within uploads folder with custom path
  • Added support for getting attachment details using [aw2.get attachment attachment_id=” /]
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support for creating PDFs using new shortcode aw2.pdf
  • Added new shortcode aw2.sideload for loading images from URLs
  • Added support for entities_encode & entities_decode with ENT_QUOTES set.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Fixed issue for Facebook oAuth API
  • Added support for and
  • Added support for request.request_body for reading raw post data.
  • Fixed the compatibility bug with 7.1.1 and site_settings
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support for socket communication.
  • Added support for ‘root’ app.
  • Added checks for minimum required PHP version and WordPress Version.
  • Awesome Apps now show up in Nav menu, making it easier to add them in menu.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Improved aw2.push
  • Added support for users_builder to do better support for users search and query
  • Deprecated
  • SPA version upgrade to V2, axn support added
  • Introduced aw2.cdn
  • Filebase cleanup.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support for triggers to be called using aw2.trigger
  • Added support for aw2.push for ios and android
  • Added support for reply-to
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • zoho.crm shortcode usage changed.
  • Custom flow for app.
  • Added support for custom layout. Now you can access a module directly: http:////
  • Rights check in case on non-loggedin user for apps.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Updated Hybrid Auth to latest version
  • Added support of sideload_media for sideloading images to WordPress
  • Added support to choose menu cache for select items.
  • Return Status instead of XML Data from KooKoo SMS Gateway
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Restructured Awesome Apps flow.
  • Restructured Awesome Catalogue flow.
  • Added support to SYNC module & triggers between environments.
  • Added support to get newdate from a given date.
  • Added new shortcodes; aw2.include, aw2.load,
  • Added support to call sidebars inside modules.
  • Integrated Zoho CRM. Use [zoho.crm]
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support for comma separation in numbers.
  • RETURN CSS & LESS instead of ECHO.
  • Minify style before output.
  • Added aw2.set_array
  • Added filter to support ACE Editor in CPTs.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Added support for in_array in aw2.if condition.
  • Added support for date_query in Posts Builder.
  • Added support for Excel export.
  • Fix: taxonomy filter for modules.
  • Fix: set_term_meta issue when using term ids.
  • Fix: problem of array not being passed.
  • Fix: login so that it does not send default email to user.
  • Fix: issue with device mobile check.
  • Added userid for social login.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Regression bug fixes.
  • Removed public access of Triggers and Module types.
  • Added support to get Billing edit form, execute any WooCommerce template function
  • Added support to get formatted meta fields from an WC Order using order.display_item_meta
  • Added support for Line Total using order.get_formatted_line_subtotal
  • Added support for delete_post_meta
  • Added support for add_non_unique_post_meta. This will not create unique meta entries.


  • Regression bug fixes.
  • WooCommerce – Added support for conditional application of taxes and an action for new order.
  • Added support for core:timer & core:reload activity within []
  • Updated the helper function to use latest settings.
  • Added support for showing private post types and taxonomies in CPT UI. This allows now to make our post_types and taxonomies private and still link them up.
  • Added support in [aw2.loop] to set the result.
  • Added support for inserting Post comments.
  • Added support for Ozonetel SMS Gateway.


  • Regression bug fixes.
  • WooCommerce Order creation


  • Added support for raw
  • Added support for MailChimp integration
  • Added support for meta field search — based on “WP-Admin Search Post Meta”
  • Added WooCommerce support [woo.get]
  • Added support for templates in AJAX URLs
  • Removed the_content filter application
  • Added support for for using device and few other conditions to execute the code block
  • Added Third party plugin for Tags like meta fields added in CMB2
  • Added support for Awesome shortcodes in Menu labels
  • Added support for core:reload in spa_activity
  • Added support for App backup and restore
  • Added support for MOD in Math function
  • Added support for Return to end execution
  • Added support for creating Custom Metabox
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • Fixed – support to allow file types while upload
  • Return error if PHP Session is not set
  • Fixes for validation of script tag for w3c validation
  • aw2.mail now supports file attachments.
  • Added module type tax filter to all app level modules as well
  • Support for appajax (only in the url and not js)
  • Fixed flow of awesome apps
  • Changed to rawurldecode because URL decode converts + into a space
  • Added support for app specific Iframe Form Submit
  • Fixed the issue with the_content override in other themes.
  • Support for part added
  • Added support for “ajax” in app url


  • Improved app workflow settings.
  • Fixed multiple bugs
  • Updated module labels for better clarity
  • wp_head filter priority reduced.
  • Added support for restricting App access in front end for specific roles/logged-in users.
  • Custom header & footer for app sections
  • Code tab with ace editor for pages & awesome pages
  • Now [aw2.set x='{{aw2.get request.x}}-{request.x}-{request.y}-{{aw2.get request.x}}’ /] is valid
  • Added cmb2 function ‘cmb2_get_user_roles’ for giving user role dropdowns
  • Added cmb2 function ‘cmb2_get_registered_objects’ for giving registered post types and taxonomies
  • Added support for “parese_cotnent” to post content.
  • CSS is now outputted when called by default.
  • added proper support for using default CPT/Taxonomy for app


  • Debug info cleanup.


  • Support for uploading files to custom path.
  • Support for custom shortcodes from CMS.
  • Support for CDNCSS runtime.
  • Added support for media image alt.
  • Added support for getting country from IP.
  • Added support to get attachment image url.
  • Regression bug fixes.


  • support for custom shortcodes
  • support for social login
  • bunch of bug fixes
  • added aw2.for shorcode
  • app based ajax flow introduced


  • Removed few more PHP notices.
  • Awesome apps restructured
  • fixed the ellipsis sign in excerpt.
  • breadcrumbs ported to 2.x
  • removed instances of old shortcode
  • rewrite rules migrated to 2.x


  • Regression bug fix – empty & not_empty conditions.
  • Removed PHP notices displayed during installation.
  • CMB2 updated to 2.2.1
  • Fixed issues with App specific settings.


  • Removed unwanted menu items


  • Regression bug fix – Module installation process.


  • Full rewrite of Awesome core. DO NOT upgrade directly from 1.x as this will break your existing site.
  • Theme options moved to CMB2 framework.
  • New syntax introduced [aw2.get]
  • Concept of ‘One click Install’ Apps introduced.


  • Added support for system notification after registration.


  • Updated monoframe to support Taxonomy Metadata.


  • Added support for post_list and taxonomy list within theme options for select fields.
  • Fixed the positions of Menu Items in admin menu.
  • CSS fix for Generate Shortcode block while adding/editing WordPress Page.
  • Fix for user login to support for both Email-address & Username for login.
  • Added support for User Registration & Forgot Password.


  • Show filter of Form Entry type.
  • bug fix: setting post term from awesome form
  • Added support for collecting other form fields
  • Awesome form validation bug fix
  • Added ability to pass customer_id instead of assuming customer id
  • Fixed the issue for php 7, where function definition was not matching.
  • Added rewrite rule flush on new install, new post types if installed will work out of box
  • Moved the Awesome Studio menu position below Dashboard.


  • made it compatible with PHP less then 5.5.
  • updated yoast seo meta box to a low priority
  • added function to support app install flow
  • added support for script & style enqueue
  • container class in menu was getting overridden, appended to it.


  • delayed our wp_head action to so that our design loads later.


  • Added support for html validation in textarea field.
  • Minified the output of aw2_less.
  • Removed extra spaces as output of triggers
  • Fix the bug while installing modules.
  • Cleaned up plugin comments from files
  • Added support for installing modules from server.
  • Included bootstrap.css from plugin.
  • Cleaned the remote module install screen
  • Changed aw2_save_form_data shortcode registration process
  • When adding new module type, along with slug, now term names is also saved.


  • Icons swapped between Awesome Studio & Awesome Dev
  • Site settings made compatible with Redux plugin if installed.
  • “Load More” button style fixed on catalogue page
  • Bug fix while installing a trigger dependency.
  • Changed label on “Set Trigger” page.
  • Converted set trigger button to ladda.
  • Cleaned up plugin comments from files
  • Removed aw2_trigger js


  • CSS Fixes
  • Show Triggers on Local Modules list
  • Module image set as Featured image upon installation
  • Site Name set as title on Settings page
  • Include file only if Class lessc doesn’t exist
  • Ability to re-install modules added
  • Ability to filter Modules based on “Module Type”
  • Added custom Bootstrap Menu Walker
  • Site Settings made compatible with Redux if installed.


  • Fixed few flow issues
  • Studio workflow is working properly


  • Initial release