This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Adds prayer request, custom tweet, and custom counter functionality to WordPress.

Includes options for prayer moderation, privatization, public posting, tweeting, and a customizable weekly notification digest.

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Description: List and/or manage prayer requests.
type=”[options:manage,bookmarked,personal]” (manage: show management form and list. bookmarked: show personally bookmarked prayers. personal: show my personal prayer journal)
exclude=”[options:author,counter,tweet,date,others]” (Comma-separated options exclude elements from display)
page=”page-id” (Lists prayers tagged with a specific page id.)
author=”username1,username2” (Comma-separated authors limits list.)
count=”integer” (Integer value lists specific number of requests.)
title=”text” (Displays title for list.)
random=”true” (Selects random requests and random order. Best used with count.)
id=”AmenID1,AmenID2” (Comma-separated ids to include.)
noid=”AmenID1,AmenID2” (Comma-separated ids to exclude.)
submit=”text” (Override counter submit text. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
state1=”text” (Override counter state one. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
state2=”text” (Override counter state two. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
state3=”text” (Override counter state three. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})

Custom Settings

Privacy & Moderation: public posting | private posting (visible to logged in users) | personal posting (visible only to poster) | disable public management | require approval for all public requests | require approval for all requests | disable approval notifications | set custom email(s) for approval notifications
Submission & Management: submission form (title, note, button) | title for management form | author display | public user name | show date
Counter Customization: enable/disable | displayed text
Tweeting: allow/disallow tweeting | tweet via | customize hashtag | tweet type (hashtag or page share) | add hashtag | add author name | custom ID parameter
Digest Email: enable/disable | from email | subject | message | loop | management page
Database: keep options on removal | keep database tables on removal | custom table prefix
Page Tagging: allowed users | allowed pages


  • Prayer Request List
  • Prayer Request Management
  • Amen Settings Page
  • Sample Notification Email


  1. Upload the amen directory to your /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add the [amen type=”manage”] shortcode in order to allow front-end logged users to manage requests.
  4. Add the [amen] shortcode in order to list requests.


Why does the submission form not show?

You may still need to enable public posting from the settings page. Alternatively, you may have an early version of the plugin which used the shortcode [amen_manage]. This shortcode should be changed to [amen type=”manage”].


Febuari 8, 2017
In WP 4.0.1 this plugin doesn't seem completely compatible. On the admin part (Amen Settings) I did'nt check the Weekly Prayer Notification but on the frontend it still shows up (as checked). Furthermore, on the Amen management page I see a lot of red buttons with options. That doesn't look very nice. And: it would be great if the author would give us an update that gives the opportunity to have a candle before each prayer. Example: I would gladly make a donation! Best regards and thanks for this plugin, Leon
Febuari 8, 2017
Works great and I love it - see it in action at Believe Beloved! Just posted a suggestion that would make it perfect!
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  • Adds visual editor for email digest


  • Fixes default settings
  • Email content type set to HTML


  • Fixes form processing (adds nonce check)
  • Fixes user & session coookies
  • Adds option to disable public management


  • Corrects URLs in approval email


  • Adds capability for personal prayer journal with shortcode parameter type=”personal”
  • Adds shortcode parameter exclude=”others” to limit management requests shown for admin
  • Ability to show date of request (disabled by default). Also remove with exclude=”date”


  • Fixed bug in cookie use


  • Allow users to ‘bookmark’ requests and adds shortcode to display only bookmarked requests


  • Fixes cron database query


  • Fixes database setup for notifications


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added type=”text” to inputs for better theme integration


  • Settings page: relocation and better documentation
  • Allows public users to post name
  • Option for weekly email notification of new prayers (default: off & disabled for existing prayers)
  • Allows custom ID for URL
  • Adds uninstall.php to restore database on delete of plugin


  • Added uninstall.php to empty database
  • Allow setting of custom id parameter for URL included in tweet
  • Fix option setting on install
  • Fix email notification for update approvals


  • Added UTF-8 support


  • Added shortcode parameters


  • Customization of approval notifications


  • Fixed Twitter share button to include link to request
  • Disables widget (not working)


  • Added Amen widget


  • Add shortcode parameter to list request by id


  • Customization options
  • Allow editing of posted requests
  • Admin notification on new request/update/edit
  • Additional shortcode parameters


  • Additional Tweet options
  • Fixed call to database table
  • Added randomizing attribute to shortcode


  • Added Twitter integration
  • Allows custom database table prefix for connecting on multisite install


  • Added functionality for public users to post requests *
  • Added request approval option *
  • Added data sanitization *


  • Rewrote install/update functions
  • Minor changes to shortcode


  • Initial Release